Overcoming Resistance

Breaking Through Resistance

You know that big, scary dream you have in your heart? Yes, that one. It keeps nipping at the corners of your imagination, nudging you to entertain the possibilities so everything can fall into place. Sometimes it gathers speed and whips itself into a cyclone of ideas and desire, but then you shout it down with all the […]

Dwell in Creativity


Lots of people spend their entire life working a job they dislike, praying for the weekend to arrive earlier, so they can race home and enjoy their “real” life. These same people can’t wait to retire so they can do….nothing. Most of these people spend their work days solving problems…and they are good at it. […]

17: Raising Your Energy Level [Podcast]


You can maximize your energy throughout the day when you enhance your energy sources based on your temperament. Aside from the normal things everyone should be doing for their physical energy, such as sleeping enough, eating right, and working out, there are some other things you can do to maximize your mental or psychological energy. Click […]

16: Reach Higher with LeeAnne Ruff [Podcast]


Reaching higher is LeeAnne Ruff’s approach to life, business, faith, and family. You’ll be inspired by her passion for leading others to their greatest success though leadership, self-respect, trust, determination, and an unflinching belief in service to others. LeeAnne lead a dynamically successful direct sales team for over twenty years and now finds tremendous fulfillment […]

Why Writers Must Write


Writing and I are on speaking terms today. Other days, we pretend not to know each other. Either way, it’s an infatuation I just can’t shake. We were not put here to merely endure our lives. We were meant to create. It is exhilarating – free reign to create something out of absolutely nothing. Like […]