16: Reach Higher with LeeAnne Ruff [Podcast]


Reaching higher is LeeAnne Ruff’s approach to life, business, faith, and family. You’ll be inspired by her passion for leading others to their greatest success though leadership, self-respect, trust, determination, and an unflinching belief in service to others. LeeAnne lead a dynamically successful direct sales team for over twenty years and now finds tremendous fulfillment […]

Why Writers Must Write


Writing and I are on speaking terms today. Other days, we pretend not to know each other. Either way, it’s an infatuation I just can’t shake. We were not put here to merely endure our lives. We were meant to create. It is exhilarating – free reign to create something out of absolutely nothing. Like […]

The Monkeys


Imagine there are ten monkeys on a tiny, hot, desolate island in the middle of a shallow pond. The pond is right smack in the middle of a virtual paradise full of tropical fruits, other monkeys, toys, shade and lots of fun. There are rowboats on the island and a bridge that leads across the […]

15: Click it up a Notch with Courtney Slazinik [Podcast]

Courtney Slazinik

It took a broken camera at a critical moment to launch Courtney into a thriving business teaching others how to take photographs of a lifetime. Courtney both mentions and embodies Farrah Gray’s sentiment: “Build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs.” She shares¬†some great insight on what is possible for those […]

14: Producing Movies with Jenifer Madson [Podcast]

Jenifer Madson - Executive Producer of Ballon: The Movie

An award-winning author and executive coach, Jenifer’s mission to Impact First has created a Facebook following of over 45,000 and the opportunity to produce an indie film. Her 27-year recovery from addiction led her to form Impact First, providing grants, business coaching, and marketing support to filmmakers who are putting their special talents to use […]

13: Leaving Corporate America with Tammy Helfrich [Podcast]

Tammy Helfrich

Tammy Helfrich left a steady corporate job at a Fortune 500 company to follow her passion. Her story of what is possible will inspire you to start making a difference right where you are as she encourages, empowers, and connects you with ways to find a life with purpose. Click to Listen Announcements Thanks to […]

12: How to Overcome Writer’s Block [Podcast]

Overcome Writer's Block

What if overcoming writer’s block was as simple as shifting your focus? If you are writing what you think other people want you to write, or to delight them, or impress them, you are not being authentic and your writing will suffer (or grind to a halt!) Let me share three simple mindset shifts to […]

11: How to be a Best Selling Author with Tara Meyer-Robson [Podcast]

Tara Meyer-Robson

Exhausted and frustrated with traditional methods, Tara pioneered a step-by-step system to get her book moving up the best-seller list. Tara Meyer-Robson is authentic and transparent as she shares the success she had marketing her book with an online campaign. She documented every step and turned it into her signature “Best Seller in 1 Day” […]

10: How to Overcome Fear in 6 Easy Steps [Podcast]


Is your normal reaction to fear fight or flight? How about freeze or stall? You can change it to ACTION in 6 easy steps… Each time we act through our fear we expand our capacity to handle it. Successful people know fear is normal and can even be energizing. To move forward, you must dissipate […]