Feedback and the 98% Crowd


Remember the last time you got negative feedback? Ouch! Even if you also got lots of positive feedback, those negative words were probably the ones cemented into your brain. When I was teaching at the Center for Naval Leadership, we received class critiques at the end of the two-week training. Even if 29 out of 30 students […]

Lead With Your Strengths

Lead with Your Strengths

We all have unique gifts and talents. We’re really good at certain things and not so good at others. I will never be an opera singer, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, or an engineer. Those just aren’t my strengths. I spent a year and a half majoring in electrical engineering before I finally threw in the […]

Critics, Trolls, and Fans

Court Your Critics

The critics and trolls are out in full force. Call them what you will, if you’re in business, you have them. If you intend to be successful, start getting comfortable with disapproval and learn to embrace it. When “Jill” was promoted to Executive Assistant from the secretarial pool of a major technology company, she was thrilled. She […]

3 Ways to Handle Rejection

3 Ways to Handle Rejection

Everyone who is afraid of being rejected feels alone, despite the fact that most people will go out of their way to avoid rejection. Of course, just because we’re afraid of being rejected, doesn’t mean we should avoid it. Being rejected, over and over, is practically a requirement for success. If you’re in sales, you […]

Overcoming Resistance

Breaking Through Resistance

You know that big, scary dream you have in your heart? Yes, that one. It keeps nipping at the corners of your imagination, nudging you to entertain the possibilities so everything can fall into place. Sometimes it gathers speed and whips itself into a cyclone of ideas and desire, but then you shout it down with all the […]